Pokemon GO Eggstravaganza Comes With Completely New Shiny Pokemon

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Pokemon GO Eggstravaganza Comes With Completely New Shiny Pokemon

Wthout question, Pokemon GO enthusiasts will be excited when it comes to the mobile enhanced reality game’s Eggstravaganza event, that is formally has made its come back right now, and also offers players the opportunity to hatch very rare Pocket Monsters out of 2KM eggs until very early April. Speaking of these rarities, one fanatic not too long ago datamined the name and revealed that the development company at Niantic added a bunch of several new Shiny Pokemon to celebrate the big event.

As seen inside Imgur album The Silph Road community member and also Redditor well known simply as “Chrales” discovered that Niantic included 3D models for Shiny adaptations of Wobbuffet, Magmar, Togepi, Togetic, and Magby a short while ago on Pokemon GO‘s web servers. This means these particular Shiny variations of all 5 of the above mentioned Pokemon species – and potentially Wobbuffet’s pre-evolved version Wynaut – should always be found in the ARG at some time these days.

The development of those new and special versions of a Pokemon in Pokemon GO will come right after Niantic’s final decision to add in the very first Shiny Legendary in the game, with lots of at this time looking for this unique new release of the strong Lugia. For those on the lookout for the Psychic- and Flying-type, together with the earlier mentioned new Shinies, it is crucial to look at every single creature very closely, as a Shiny usually provides a crystal effect and it is colored in a different way than its common iteration.

Receiving everything in to profile, it is great to find out Niantic continuing to deliver Pokemon GO lovers new creatures to catch and gather in conjunction along with new events such as for example the most popular Eggstravaganza affair that started off today. While these types of features could be much more than enough for a lot of players to handle, seems like as if there is always a lot more PoGO content just around the bend, because the game’s Bulbasaur-themed Community Day starts out in few days from now.

Pokemon GO can be found now for the Android and also iOS products.

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